SIDS- Reagan's Purpose

Reagan Ann Stiles 9/7/01 -10/3/01

Held in our arms for Days, Held in our Hearts Forever!

Years ago when Reagan died we felt alone and lost. Our world fell apart. There were very few resources at that time for what we had been through. Today there are a few more. But not that many 20 years later. We have tried to become support for other families who have experienced a similar tragedy in their lives. Lately life has made it a struggle for us to actively participate in this. We hope to get back into becoming a resource again for SIDS Support.

In one simple moment my world was shattered into a mess of pieces. Day by day I pick up the pieces and try to put them back together. Only to find that it will never be the same! The pieces will not fit correctly, and I am lost, in my own world. Too scared to ask for help. Too afraid to find my way out. Too angry to forget the past. Too lonely to stay this way. That moment has passed, and the world still spins, and I still try to find a way to put my life back in order.

~J Stiles~

The world will never be whole to me again. When it shattered pieces were lost, and at times I lose myself. I have changed. The way I look at things has changed. I found goodness in the world that was never there before. I found goodness in myself that I failed to see. I found compassion in others that I never noticed. But it took time to get here. I made a choice to live. You did not have a choice when your child died. But you have a choice of what to do with your life. There will always be a time that you need to grieve for your child. But there is also going to be a time to grow and enjoy your life. Try to find peace for this day.

​J Stiles