Who I am

I Played by the rules.  I lived I breathe.  I went with the motions. Then one day - I realized that was not living that was just existing.  I no longer just exist, I live.  This journey that we all have to go on you have two choices.  Love it or hate it.  There will never be an easy path.  Because there is no road map.  And there are going to be bumps and some off roading.  But this is yours to make it how you want!  And let's face it, no matter how hard you try you are not getting out of this life alive - so you might as well enjoy it while you are here!

“Family is not an important thing, it's everything." Michael J Fox

My family is my whole world.  They are the ones that make the world go round.

I have only just begun to leave my mark on the world.  I will be remembered as a great person, not for what I dreamed, but for what I made happen with my dreams. 

J Stiles